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The Very Best of Badfinger Welcome to BBC Radio. Now the disclaimer: We are not in any way affiliated with the organization using a similar acronym located on the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean. Their BBC acronym stands for the the British Broadcasting Corporation (or Company - I'm not exactly sure what their "C" stands for). Our BBC stands for Brando's Badfinger Covers (BBC) Radio.

The goal with our BBC Radio is to play cover versions of classic Badfinger recordings along with songs that are somehow related to Badfinger. Most folks know that I tried Real Audio in the fall of 1999 and it didn't work, then I switched to putting wave files online of Badfinger covers. That was okay, except in March 2000 my internet provider made some changes preventing me from using those. What I'm hoping to do here is to have a song or two online each month in either wave or mp3 form that is somehow related to Badfinger. Some of these tunes may be available in other formats on the net. If your looking for Badfinger bootleg material, I suggest going to my links page and linking over to Darren English's website and check out his Badfinger Radio (puts mine to shame...but hey I'm trying).

Short Notes: Earlier this year (2001) Darren English decided to focus on other interests and has (hopefully only temporary) removed his site from the web. Also: I'm currently only able to feature a song or two at a time, so if there is a song listed here you are curious about that states "currently offline" drop me an email and I'll try to work it into a rotation so you can enjoy the track.

Brady Bunch CD - Meet the Brady Bunch (March 23, 2002) In late 1971 Apple Records released the classic Badfinger recording, "Day After Day." Eager to cash in on the instant classic, the pre-adult portion (minus John Denver look-a-like Oliver) of the Brady Bunch clan went into the studio and recorded the song for their own upcoming LP. The album would be titled Meet the Brady Bunch and would also feature their interpretations of other hit songs including Bread's "Baby I'm a Want You," Lobo's "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo" along with the ultimate 70's song, "American Pie." The Badfinger cover song did not feature a lead vocal, it is a choral performance though it is fairly easy to distinguish Maureen McCormick's voice from the rest of the pack. I'm not sure if it is Clapton or Harrison doing the guitar work...on second thought it is probably neither.

Sidenote: The mp3 of the Brady Bunch performing the Badfinger song is not the same mp3 I had on the site about 2 years ago. This is a much cleaner version (minus the pops and clicks and early fade) than the earlier mp3. Thus you may want to take a "new" listen to this improved version of the Brady Bunch performing "Day After Day." Enjoy!

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Radio Presents: The Brady Bunch performing Badfinger's "Day After Day."

Wish You Were Here (Radio Ad?) (March 16, 2002) A few years ago Ebay had for auction two reel-to-reel tapes that were supposed to be radio spots for the two released Badfinger albums on Warner Brothers. I lost the bidding (I believe the two one-minute radio spots went for about $80, but I'm not sure). Anyway, a year or so ago what appeared to be one of the radio spots showed up on the net. I say "appeared" because although this sounds like a radio spot for Wish You Were Here, I remember reading someone laying claim to actually creating a "fake" radio spot on their computer. I'm not sure if this is the "real" thing or the artificial advertisement. Perhaps someone can shed some light on this recording (is it live or is it Memorex?). Either way, it is available for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

BBC Radio presents: Wish You Were Here (Radio Ad?)

(February 3, 2002) You may be asking what this item is all about. Maybe not. But if you are, this is the name of Badfinger 45 that was issued in 1979. It is an interview 45 rpm that was issued to possibly coincide with the release of Badfinger's Airwaves LP. The interview 45 features Joey Molland and Tom Evans discussing Badfinger, Apple Records and the Beatles. The 45 also has a religious twist as the narrator, Bill Hughe, ties the bands troubles with those that all men must face and endure. The interview also has 4 Badfinger songs playing in the background of the interview, "No Matter What," "Come and Get It," "Without You" and "Lost Inside Your Love." Note: This was a series of interview 45's that featured the religious commentary on each track. The flip side of the Badfinger 45 is an interview with Jennifer Warnes. Enjoy!

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Radio presents: Badfinger Interview 45 rpm from 1979.

(January 7, 2002) Possibly the first cover of a Badfinger song (other than "Without You") that I ever heard on the radio was back in 1986 - 87. While awaiting my turn to play billiards in a local establishment I was caught off guard by the song "Day After Day" being played on the FM station that echoed throughout the building. I found out later the band performing the Badfinger classic was an upstart rock'n'roll outfit named Savatage.

Credit where credit is due!: Thanks to Ron Saunders who supplied me (and in turn all of us) with a good copy of the song in mp3 form. He also did some research concerning the band which follows this paragraph.

Brothers Jon (vocals) and Criss Oliva (guitars, backing vocals) formed the metal band Savatage in the early 80's. From Florida, Savatage released their 4th album Fight For The Rock in '86 on Atlantic Records (U.S. release). Fight For The Rock contained the Badfinger classic Day After Day. They credit the song to Pete Ham "only" as I am familiar with the ASCAP fiasco that happened close to this time frame. They also credit the song to Apple Music, Inc 1986. There is also a publishers credit to Apple Music, Inc., ASCAP. Lyrics are also included with this disc.

Savatage would go on to become a premiere metal band as a few of their later songs "The Hall Of The Mountain King" and "Gutter's Ballet" were presented in video form on MTV's Headbangers Ball in the late 80's and early 90's. Unfortunately Criss Oliva was killed in an automobile accident in 1993.

Thanks again Ron!

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Radio presents: Savatage performing the Badfinger classic, "Day After Day."


CHRISTMAS TIME FAVORITE Wishful Thinking Ivey's Christmas LP (not real)
(December 22, 2001) Unfortunately Badfinger never recorded a proper Christmas record. It would have been a true joy to hear Badfinger: Pete, Joey, Tom, Mike (Bob and / or Ron) embracing the holiday with a seasonal pop classic (Note: Joey did record a nice Christmas song on his own in the early 1990's called, "Merry Christmas (Follow Your Star)" it appeared on a CD titled, A Minnesota Christmas) . That said, one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs is Greg Lake's "I Believe in Father Christmas." The 1975 pop classic does receive airplay during the holiday season. However, a few years ago I stumbled across another song that is an equal (in my opinion) to Lake's song in expressing thoughts of the season with pop sensibilities. It is a song by a group called The Three Wise Men and their song is called "Thanks for Christmas." It was written, recorded and released in 1983, though I never heard it until 1998. If your not aware already, The Three Wise Men also recorded under another name....XTC. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Holiday Bonus: The Three Wise (XTC) performing "Thanks For Christmas."


Lillian Axe CD: Poetic Justice (November 24, 2001) For the latest addition of the BBC Radio, I would like to offer an mp3 of a cover of Badfinger's 1970 classic, "No Matter What". The version is done by the heavy metal artists Lillian Axe. A year or so ago I featured the metal version of the song for all to enjoy. This however, is Lillian Axe's attempt at an unplugged version of the Badfinger song. It is very good. It is right up there with the best of the Badfinger songs covered by other artists. This version is not on the bands 1992 release Poetic Justice. The Lillian Axe website lists the track among songs that are unreleased at this time. Thus, I do not know where it originates. Anyway, here it is....Happy Holidays and Enjoy!

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Radio presents: Lillian Axe's acoustic cover of No Matter What


Fake 45 Label of the The Creepies - Teach Me How to Rock'n'Roll (October 13, 2000) Have you ever wondered what would have happened had Marc Bolan encountered David SeVille? Neither have I. But when you consider their alter-ego's, T. Rex and The Chipmunks, were both selling millions of records at their peek your mind can't help but to begin to fantasize of the formation of this new supergroup. Well dream no more because a band called The Creepies combined the best of both musical outfits into one nice little Halloween package. In 1980 this band released a single called, "Teach Me How to Rock'n'Roll." You would never guess by the song title but it is meant to be a spooky venture with a danceable beat.

I bought this 45 at a record show in the early 90's. A gentleman there said I should pay the one dollar in price and that I wouldn't be disappointed. It's true. It is a neat little Halloween track that outside of the one copy I own, I have never scene or heard on radio (Does Dr. Demento know about this one?). Even those online music gathering places do not have it listed for download. So sit back and enjoy this danceable mix of hijinx. Save it to your computer and include it with all those other haunting holiday favorites you enjoy (at least do it for the kids...they'll like it).

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Radio presents: The Creepies - Teach Me How to Rock'n'Roll


(June 8, 1999): As sort of a third trial run for the BBC radio, I'm testing Badfinger's No Dice Advertisement for your enjoyment. This has been on the net before, but perhaps not as an mp3. It is taken from a November 1970 radio show with DJ Alex Bennet on a New York radio station during the week of Thanksgiving. Thus, click here on this link to:

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Radio - Badfinger's No Dice Radio Advertisement


Kari Wuhrer CD:  Shiny (January 3, 2001): BBC Radio stands for Brando's Badfinger Covers Radio, thus there is no beautiful music from Badfinger to enjoy on this page. No "We're For the Dark, " "Sweet Tuesday Morning," "When I Say," "Moonshine" or even Ham's "Walk Out in the Rain" to be heard. However, if you had the chance to see the VH-1 movie Out of Sync from last summer you may know where I'm going with this. The plot of the movie concerned itself with a beautiful girl who could not sing, lip-syncing to the music recorded by another female singer (who was also fairly attractive). The result was that the beautiful girl (named Sonni - I think) was "vocally" exposed during an "MTV Unplugged" like television special. Keep in mind the story is in no way similar to the pop group Milli Vanilli.

Our concern here is that the actress who portrayed the pop-diva Sonni in the movie, Kari Wuhrer, actually recorded an album in 2000 (or 1999 I'm not sure). And, you guessed it, she covered a Badfinger song (well sort of). She covered the song that Badfinger made famous but was actually written by Sir Paul McCartney. "Come and Get It" is featured on her compact disc entitled "Shiny" Remember: Her character in the movie could not sing, please do not type-cast her here. Is it "beautiful music?" You decide.

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Radio presents: Kari Wuhrer - Come and Get It


(February 7, 2001) About a year and a half to two years ago I received an email from a gentleman who said he was so moved by what he was reading on all the Badfinger websites that he dusted off his guitar (which he hadn't played in a number of years) and wrote a song about Pete Ham. It is a treasured email for me because it made me feel that all our websites were not only reaching people in positive light but causing them to act in a pro-active manner.

That said, an individual named Dan Phillips has recently written and recorded his own tribute to Pete Ham. The song is titled, "Super Star (An Ode to Pete Ham)." Phillips credits his inspiration for the song to be from reading Matovina's book, "Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger." If you would like to hear the composition then please click on the following link:


It is great that people are being moved to act upon their feelings towards the band. I believe people at VH-1 were moved by the band's story and that had a lot to do with the airing of the Badfinger Behind the Music Special. Who knows where the next tribute is coming from? Who knows where that next source of inspiration (or discovery) for fans will originate? Perhaps a Molland concert, a Matovina reading, a Gibbins compact disc, a James' Ivey File, a Behind the Music re-airing, a Badfinger song on the radio (that was mine), a Phillips tribute song or perhaps even one of these little webpages. Note: Happy Birthday BWR!

(November 23, 2000): At the dawn of the 1970's they were poised to rip-off the next big thing. Paul McCartney penned their first "near" hit, "Come and Get It." So what ever happened to Bad.... I mean the Magic Christians. January 19, 1970 saw the release of their new McCartney written single "Come and Get It." It was released in the United States one week after a group of four individuals released the same song on the Apple label. The rock group The Magic Christians attempted to create confusion upon the record buying public that winter by covering the song and using the same name as the Ringo Starr & Peter Sellers movie The Magic Christian that featured the song. Did it work? Did people mistake the song in the movie as the same song available by the group the Magic Christians? least once...and thank goodness it was mistaken....or I wouldn't be able to present it to you now.

I have a Beatles book titled, A Day in the Life. In the book it mentions this release. About two years ago I was searching the net for information regarding the song. I didn't expect much, but I did find a gentlemen who had a website that featured a net-radio program. It was very similar to Darren English's - No Matter What - Badfinger Radio programs. This gentlemen played various 45's from his collection. On a program from late 1997 or early 1998 he featured 3 songs: Badfinger's "No Matter What," Rare Earth's "Get Ready" and then he went into a lengthy explanation of how he purchased the Magic Christians 45 of "Come and Get It" thinking it was the hit version. He then played the song. I transferred the song to tape, then to an mp3 several months ago with the intent of sharing it here on this website. Was there anything magical in the recording or Christian like about this attempt (possibly the first) to rip-off Badfinger? You be the judge.

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Radio presents: The Magic Christians - Come and Get It


(October 13, 2000) I'll be short with this one. A band called the San Francisco Seals (I believe the name of minor league baseball team in the area in the 40's and 50's) covered the Badfinger track Baby Blue several years ago (late 90's). I do not have a CD of this song, it is from a tape a friend made for me several years ago when the song came out. I've never seen their CD (though my friend does own it). It is a sparse version of the classic track. Enjoy!

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Radio presents: The San Francisco Seals - Baby Blue


Adventures CD:  The Sea of Love (August 12, 2000) Terry, Pat, Paul, Tony, Eileen and Spud were together in the late 1980's and early 1990's. They formed a group called The Adventures. They were sort of a clean-cut synth-pop-rock band. The band put out several albums over their life span.

While I was working in a local shop in 1988 we received a promotional LP by the Adventures titled, The Sea of Love . Billboard magazine had some nice things to say about the LP, including the opinion that it had many radio friendly tracks (90% of Billboard reviews are on the positive side). Thus, I gave it a try on the turntable. I really enjoyed the LP and I remember thinking there were many songs that sounded like hits. The lead single from the LP was a track called "The Broken Land" which came in at just over 5 minutes in length. It was a great song that should have been a hit, but perhaps the length of the track prevented some of it's airplay (note: The Raspberries went through a similar situation releasing the 5 minutes opus "Don't Want to Say Goodbye" as the lead single from their debut LP, then issuing "Go All the Way" as a follow up).

Billboard Magazine's Review of the LP

As good as I thought "The Broken Land" was, I felt the album's opening track was perhaps the best bet for a hit 45, it was a track called, "Drowning in the Sea of Love". A month or so went by and it was clear "The Broken Land" wasn't going to break this band into the mainstream. Elektra records did issue "Drowning in the Sea of Love" as the 2nd single from the LP. Then came the Billboard Magazine review for the new 45. The review praised the single as a great song and said something extra that I don't quite remember exactly, but it went something like this: "All the good things you loved about Badfinger are in this song". I know the review compared the song to Badfinger, and they may have mentioned "Baby Blue" specifically. After I read the comparison, I listened to the song again and thought, well maybe I do hear something reminiscent of those Welsh & English lads from a decade and a half earlier. But enough about my opinion, judge for yourself and take a listen to this fine track from The Adventures. Enjoy!

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Radio presents: The Adventures - Drowning in the Sea of Love


Lillian Axe CD: Poetic Justice (July 25, 2000) For the August addition of the BBC Radio, I would like to offer an mp3 of a cover of Badfinger's 1970 classic, "No Matter What". The version is done by the heavy metal artists Lillian Axe. The band covered the Badfinger classic on their 1992 release Poetic Justice. Lillian Axe is a metal "big hair" band that broke up in 1995, but regrouped with their lead singer, Ron Taylor, in 1999 to do some touring and promote a rarities disc. An odd note: Lillian Axe's CD lists that the song was written by Ham, Evans, Molland, Gibbins & Collins. For those that don't know, the song was written by Pete Ham. A video of the song was made and shown on MTV in 1992. The video showed the band performing the song and being chased by a grandmotherly figure with an axe (to grind). It is actually a pretty good version of the song in metal form. I think you will enjoy it. Here it is:

CURRENTLY OFFLINE: BBC Radio presents: Lillian Axe's metal cover of No Matter What


I will try to keep at least one Badfinger cover song online each month. So stop by to hear and save them to your own computer and create your own collection of Badfinger cover recordings.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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