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This page last updated on August 3, 1998

In the spring of 1998, a deal was reached with PAN Archives and this website to present some Badfinger photography never before seen by the public. Over several weeks, this website displayed never before seen photographs of the band members. PAN had originally intended to entertain offers for the pictures, but decided it would be in the best interest of all Badfinger fans to display the pictures on the internet where all fans can enjoy them. Please feel free to download the pictures and use them in letters that are sent to record companies requesting more Badfinger. The displayed picture, the partial Sunn ad, was part of their collection but was not one of the photos they had taken. They are back for a short time. Enjoy!

Part of SUNN Ad

Click here to view Mike
Click here to view Tommy
Click here to view Pete
Click here to view Joey & Tom
Click here to view Full SUNN Ad

Well, If you collected (saved to your computer) all five pictures from this feature you will have the PAN photo collection that offered in the spring of 1998. I may eventually have to either remove or ZIP the files for you to access. So for now, if you would like a copy, make sure to print each picture or save to your computer.

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