Brando's Features: Magic C. M. Artwork

This page last updated on August 3, 1998

The title for Badfinger's debut long-play derives from the 1959 novel by the Terry Southern. The novel was eventually made into a movie featuring Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers. What is of interest here is the artwork for the debut album that was designed by David King. According to Matovina's book, King may have been influenced by two artists, Rene Magritte and Giorgio de Chirico. I searched the net for some of their work and developed a comparison photo of all three artists. Click on the photo and judge for yourself. Thank you to Robert Rose (check his Badfinger website) for the scan of the Magic Christian CD cover.

Link to comparison photo of the work of King, Magritte & de Chirico

Well, If you collected (saved to your computer) the comparison photo from this feature you will have, a nice conversation piece for your next Badfinger themed dinner party. I may eventually have to either remove or ZIP the file for you to access. So for now, if you would like a copy, make sure to print the photo or save to your computer.

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