Brando's Features: No Dice Ad Artwork

This page last updated on August 3, 1998

No Dice Advertisement Click on the picture to be taken to an advertisement for the No Dice album. The advertisement ran on page two of Rolling Stone magazine dated January 21, 1971. Paul Simon graced the cover of the magazine. It was brought to my attention some years back that there are faces (Beatles?) shaded into the body of model. Look at her upper left arm for what appears to be two images (one sideways the other up-side-down). Another appears on her upper right thigh, while one very difficult to visualize image is directly below the bellybutton close to the beads. Mike mentioned in 1970 that people thought the "eyes of the girl, were Paul McCartney's eyes". I'm not saying any of this is true, but if you compare your CD cover with the advertisement there are shadings on the ad that are not present on the cover. You be the judge, is it Paul, John or just bad tan lines?

Okay, I finally got close up scans of the girl in the No Dice ad where 3 of the 4 mysterious images occur. The fourth image, the image that is extremely difficult to visually comprehend, is not presented. The positions of all the scans are turned so the images of the faces are "straight up". Click here on this No Dice close up link to view three of the images and what appears to the face of John Lennon with glasses, mustache and beard (circa 1969) in the first image. Was someone from Apple behind this, attempting to create the illusion that Badfinger where really the Beatles. Perhaps, Richard DiLello, Apple house photographer, knows something about this advertisement. One more odd thing: The front page has a picture of Paul Simon and is dated January 21, 1971. The Badfinger ad says page 2 but the date January 7, 1971 appears on the top of the page. Go figure...

Well, If you collected (saved to your computer) the No Dice Ad comparison photo from this feature you will have, a nice conversation piece for your next Badfinger themed dinner party. I may eventually have to either remove or ZIP the file for you to access. So for now, if you would like a copy, make sure to print the photo or save to your computer.

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