Brando's Features: Peek Position of Hold On

This page last updated on November 1, 1998

When I met Tommy in November of 1982 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (check MY STORY), we had a pleasant conversation. However, if there was a tense moment in our social encounter, it was when Tommy insisted the highest chart position of "Hold On" was #47. I was positive the highest chart position was #56. The stage was set for a round of fistacuffs. We argued for a moment and finally both agreed the song didn't hit #1 (or did it). That said what appears here today are portions of two charts. The first chart for Billboard, March 21, 1981 shows the peek position of the single on their chart. The second chart casts doubt on Tommy's and my proclimation that the song didn't do as well as we hoped.

Well, If you collected (saved to your computer) the Billboard charts from this feature you will have, a nice conversation piece for your next Badfinger themed dinner party. I may eventually have to either remove or ZIP the file for you to access. So for now, if you would like a copy, make sure to print the photo or save to your computer.

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