Brando's Features: Iveys Oddities

This page last updated on December 30, 1998

Iveys LP cover for the never released US version of Maybe Tomorrow as prepared by Capitol Records At some point in the very early 80's I was told that Badfinger's "Say No More" LP sold about 10,000 copies and that their minor hit single "Hold On" sold approximately 50,000 copies. (The accuracy of the information I cannot confirm and the source of this information I can no longer recall) However, with those numbers being a base, consider this link to an Advertisement for the Ivey's 45 rpm single "Maybe Tomorrow." (Does anybody have a color version of this ad they would like to share). Is this the truth? Who was verifying those numbers? Singles that sell quantities like that in a short time span usually go top 10, if not number 1. The picture at the right is the cover of the ill-fated United States release of the "Maybe Tomorrow" LP. If you click on the picture you will be taken to a larger version of the photo. Wondering what is going in the Iveys hometown of Swansea and home country of Wales? Click here on This is South Wales website and learn all about the current activities going on in Peter, Mike and Ron's homeland.

Well, If you collected (saved to your computer) the Iveys Oddities from this feature you will have, a nice conversation piece for your next Badfinger themed dinner party. I may eventually have to either remove or ZIP the file for you to access. So for now, if you would like a copy, make sure to print the photo or save to your computer.

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