Brando's Feature: VH-1 & Apple Writing Campaigns

Badfinger January & February 2000 are International Write Companies Creating Badfinger Product and Encourage Them to Move Forward with Their Projects Months (a.k.a the keep Mike McNamara's schedule free campaign)

Please send VH-1 a respectful note explaining how you are eagerly awaiting to the see the quality work they will create surrounding this truly intriguing and heartbreaking story. A story that deserves to be told. Ask them ever-so-politely to please keep producer Mike McNamara's schedule free to complete the long awaited project. Please send a letter between now and the end of February to:

Ms. Gay Rosenthal
VH-1 / Rosenthal Productions
2600 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404

If you would like to send an email to VH-1 or if the letter you sent to VH-1 via the postal system was created on your computer it is possible to copy it into an email document and send it to VH-1 via the computer by clicking on this link to Badfinger requests at VH-1. In the topic (regards / subject) section write in "Badfinger Behind the Music".

VH-1 has a message board on their website if you would like to send them a "public notice" of your intentions for their programming. Click here on this VH-1 Behind the Music Message Board and let the employees at VH-1 and everyone else know your desire for a Badfinger Behind the Music Special.

If we all send letters (in one form or another) during this time frame we can be sure to concentrate our efforts for maximum effectiveness. Remember last summer, Dan Matovina was informed by VH-1 officials that they were receiving numerous letters regarding Badfinger (that was during our letter writing campaign to VH-1)!! Let's work together to make this happen by putting it back in their minds full force.


Badfinger Also, not to be neglected are our good friends at Apple Corps. Ltd. I would like to send letters to them this month as well. They need to be encouraged to consider many different Badfinger related items. Among them: To refurbish the Best of Badfinger CD to make it a more upbeat and better sequenced CD and to issue a Rarities CD containing Badfinger material.

With regards to the Rarities idea, I'm offering Apple another suggestion regarding this Rarities compilation. Instead of a Badfinger Rarities CD, why not a two-CD Apple Rarities compilation. It would feature 7 to 10 Badfinger tracks (including "Baby Please", "No Good at All" and "Sing for the Song"), 5 to 7 James Taylor tracks and 5 to 7 Mary Hopkins tracks along with other artists material (artists who never released an LP such as Chris Hodge would be ideal). Instead of appealing to just Badfinger fans, Apple would then have created a CD which would appeal to numerous fan bases as well as the Beatles / Apple collector. I believe Capitol in America would be pleased with idea as well, with the enlarged fan base leading to enlarged sales. Perhaps Apple would even see fit to place 15 to 20 Badfinger tracks on the compilation. Who knows if we don't ask. You just never know.

With regards to improving the Best of Badfinger on Apple: I wrote my own intentions for this several months ago. If you would like to "read it again..for the first time" then click here on this link to Brando's Best of Badfinger on Apple. Note: You don't have to agree with my opinions, indeed Tom Brennan also has posted an excellent proposal on his website. The important thing is we all recognize the need for it to be drastically improved and to make Apple aware of this fact in as polite a manner as possible.

If you believe Apple needs a new version of the Best of Badfinger and / or would like to have an Apple Rarities featuring numerous Badfinger tracks then please write Apple during August at the following address

Mr. Neil Aspinall
Apple Corps Limited
27 Ovington Square
London SW3 - 1LJ, England

Note: If you want to send a letter, but don't have the time or energy to write a new letter, simplify change the date on your old letter and send it away. Anything that can get Apple's attention (in a positive way) would be appreciated by all of us Badfinger fans.

Hopefully Apple would see the connection between the VH-1 exposure and sales and move forward with these projects. It could all start with a letter. It could all start with YOUR letter. Thanks

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