Brando's Feature: Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny Introduces Badfinger as Warner Artists

Bugs Promoting Badfinger Believe it or not Bugs Bunny was so thrilled that Badfinger signed with Warner Brothers in the mid 1970's that he offered his services to the parent company to do a few promo photos for the band. Bugs, who had been in the Warner Brothers family over 30 years at the time, assisted in announcing Warner's acquisition of Badfinger and promoting their debut LP for the company. Bugs considered going on tour with the band as an opening comedic act, but it was not to be as the parent company always had new projects that required a full-time commitment from the hare. To the right is but a sample of one of the photos in which Bugs donated his time (Below is the complete advertisement).

Badfinger's signing was not all peaches and creme in world of Warner Cartoons: Bugs related the story that Porky Pig was also offered a chance to participate in the once-in-a-toon time major photo opportunity. But Porky took an extremely defiant stance against Badfinger's signing. It seems Porky was highly upset that the label ignored his pleas to sign his favorite artists, Pigmeat Markham ("Here Comes the Judge") and Sweathog ("Hallelujah"). A short while later Porky expressed his feelings regarding the whole event: "In hindsight, I should have participated, it solidified B-B-B-B-Bugs as a star and solo performer, while I was kept w-w-w-w-working in dual lead roles with Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and occasionally Sylvester."


Warner Brothers Ad for Badfinger's debut Warner's LP


Click here to view the entire Badfinger advertisement featuring Bugs Bunny
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What preceded this paragraph is an advertisement for an ad for Badfinger's debut Warner's LP. I originally had a black and white photo copy on display. I recently received a color copy from Paul Nyman. Paul's addition has improved this page 500%. The picture does come from the back cover of an issue of Billboard Magazine. Paul didn't know the exact date (he only has the picture, not the complete magazine), but he did mention that the other side of the Badfinger ad has an advertisement for Elton John's single "Bennie and the Jets." I checked some of my music books to pin-point the date. Elton's single cracked the top 40 on March 2, 1974 and topped the Billboard chart on April 13, 1974. Thus the Badfinger ad (with the "Bennie and the Jets" advertisement) most likely appeared in late February or early March 1974.

Thanks again to Paul Nyman for allowing all of us to discover or "rediscover" this advertisement in all the splendor of Technicolor. Enjoy!

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