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(October 28, 2000) How will Badfinger's appearance on national (and perhaps world-wide) television courtesy of the VH-1's Behind the Music special affect the sales of Badfinger product? Will Badfinger see some of their CD's chart on the Billboard top 200. Will Capitol / Apple decide to release the 45 "Name of the Game" based on the public reaction to the show (I say don't wait, issue it now so it's in programmers hands shortly after the show airs)? Although the common fan does not have access to Sound Scan numbers and other industry related inventory services, we do have a round-a-bout way of measuring the affect on Badfinger product due to the result of the Badfinger's VH-1 appearance.

The internet has provided a way to measure an increase in Badfinger sales. When you go to and look up a recording, book or almost any other item available on their site you will see a sales ranking number at the bottom of the page that lists the item. I've taken the liberty of recording several of these numbers in October to help us all to have a base of how Badfinger CD's are selling before the VH-1 show. These numbers were recorded before any national promotion for the Badfinger show (Incidentally, the first Badfinger advertisements for the show should occur during the first commercial break of the 9PM Tiffany Behind the Music show on October 29).

Updated analysis reports are below the rankings chart.

Badfinger Rankings at
CD Title Oct. 2 Oct. 20 Oct. 27 Nov. 3 Nov. 6 Nov. 9 Nov. 10 Nov. 14 Nov. 17 Nov. 24 Dec. 1 Dec. 8
Very Best 2388 3783 4094 3806 41 76 88 475 397 382 422 1483
Magic C.M. 51,833 51,215 26,983 36,948 31,691 20,140 20,127 18,867 19,353 19,925 19,886 28,879
No Dice 37,036 37,408 39,027 34,192 1003 17,401 15,823 16,979 17,470 20,458 17,915 21,475
Straight Up 21,193 37,869 27,593 30,682 654 1874 ***** 7166 6670 7199 6745 10,826
Badfinger 97,366 95,609 82,336 82,591 37,888 18,444 15,648 15,711 14,883 12,687 12,195 17,467
Wish Y.W.H. 23,259 16,035 15,852 15,454 325 1491 874 4350 4250 3936 4249 6860
Head First 33,105 6961 901 1266 1122 912 876 527 1555 1692 1956 2257
Airwaves 25,794 19,266 16,127 26,930 28,313 29,706 32,927 31,093 32,336 27,109 26,255 33,242
Say No More 13,088 10,498 8888 10,647 9238 8855 9405 10,001 8711 7229 9647 10,741
BBC Live 65,740 64,371 39,473 56,932 32,175 25,610 29,268 26,549 24,564 22,396 20,288 23,002
Best Vol 2 62,481 62,970 56,348 56,557 56,863 28,751 25,294 21,598 19,678 24,826 18,509 23,595
Best (1995) 13,197 14,390 15,848 17,888 330 1286 1510 5553 ***** ***** ***** *****
Day..Live 76,609 77,160 69,069 69,294 69,691 69,695 69,691 68,962 68,962 69,4114 70,133 70,794
Pete: 7PA 38,573 26,102 20,958 21,573 20,192 17,260 13,470 9704 10,848 11,168 14,210 14,147
Pete: GG 27,034 27,151 39,444 25,456 22,369 14,738 13,462 10,980 11,567 11,883 11,370 13,971
Apple Daze 118,769 119,591 103,791 104,083 101,519 101,520 101,519 102,063 102,063 102,646 103,592 104,495
Joey: Hits 43,279 43,662 40,487 40,745 40,982 40,985 40,982 41,279 41,279 41,275 41,097 40,940

(November 23, 2000 - Analysis) Almost three weeks after the debut of the Behind the Music special and the sales continue to do well. The figures have dropped a bit and perhaps are going to be near where they are currently at for the remainder of the holiday season. Which in comparison to other artists who have appeared on Behind the Music this season, the numbers are quite good: The Very Best of Badfinger #382, Tiffany's Greatest Hits #6244, Dr. Dre's CD (titled 2001) #620, Cat Stevens Greatest Hits #124 (with tv ads), Brian Setzer's Vavoom #387, Sinead O'Connor Greatest Hits # 1813, Chicago's Greatest Hits #1528. The music is great of course, but I believe that Badfinger is a "new" band to a lot of people out there. They've "discovered" this band through Behind the Music and are just like us several years ago in their need to have as many Badfinger CD's as possible . Easily illustrating this point is how the sales rankings of all the Badfinger CD's are still much higher than their pre-Behind the Music numbers

(November 10, 2000 - Analysis) The Badfinger Behind the Music special aired for the fifth time on Wednesday, November 8th. It is currently not scheduled to air again. The Very Best of Badfinger CD has spent the entire week hovering inside the top 100 at I would think this would ensure some type of Billboard ranking next week in their top 200 album listings. For some reason, Straight Up was not listed on November 10th when I went to check figures. The Pete Ham CD's continue to improve in the rankings as Wish You Were Here continues to get some sales attention.

Will the Badfinger CD's continue to show improvement over the pre-airing figures from October? Yes, I believe so. People are purchasing their CD's this week, they will enjoy them and eventually repeat customers will emerge over the coming weeks. The Very Best of Badfinger this week, Wish You Were Here next week and perhaps some Pete Ham CD's on a Christmas list or two. The timing for Badfinger's appearance couldn't have been better. Holiday shopping is getting into full gear and Badfinger is fresh on the minds of a lot of music fans.

I'd put money on it: When Badfinger is played on an oldies, adult contemporary or rock station a lot of people will recognize the song and THIS TIME THE NAME (BADFINGER) AS WELL! Name recognition is key and VH-1 has assisted immensely in that department. Though I do wish "Name of the Game" was being pushed to radio right now, the timing would be perfect and I do believe there would be a good number of program directors who would welcome the greatest 45 Badfinger never released.

(November 6, 2000 - Analysis) The Badfinger show has aired four times. The numbers for the first day after the show have been great. The Very Best of Badfinger is at # 41. Wish You Were Here received the biggest plug in the show (aside from the Very Best of Badfinger) and in the chart it shows one of the biggest jumps. In comparison: Tiffany G.H. # 9367, Cat Stevens G.H. # 75 (and that is with the commercials airing), Sinead O'Connor G.H. # 1770, Chicago G.H. - # 1195, Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here # 206, Eagles G.H. # 241. Matovina's book has gone from # 7240 to # 861 (not shown). What is apparent is that the music of Badfinger can move product. It just needed the chance. Can a Billboard ranking be far behind?

(November 3, 2000 - Analysis) The advertisements for the special are airing on VH-1. Something was brought to my attention regarding these figures that I need to address. I received an email from Todd Burns who pointed out something that I hadn't thought of when analyzing the data from October 28. Although Head First is the highest ranking compact disc, it may not be the biggest seller at the moment. Head First is predominantly only available by ordering on the internet, while the Very Best of Badfinger is available at any respectable mercantile operation that sells music. It was a very valid point. Likewise, this may shed some light on why No Dice and Straight Up are slightly lower than Say No More and Airwaves at The preceding two are available in stores, while the latter two are promoted mostly through the internet. That point taken, we hope to see the numbers jump, for all releases, over the next couple of weeks. If the numbers are good, please feel free to print a copy of them and use the data in letters sent to companies (Apple) to request more Badfinger (rarities)!!

(October 28, 2000 - Analysis) The first three weeks on our chart represent sales rankings before any national advertising has occurred for the Badfinger VH-1 special. What is extremely satisfying here is the incredible jump in sales (orders) for the Head First CD. The only promotion this CD has received over the last couple of weeks has been through Badfinger websites!!! Word of mouth in the Badfinger community has placed this CD # 1 among Badfinger CD's and even above Boston's Greatest Hits (currently ranked #1946)! Also apparent in the rankings is the one major flaw presented by the new Very Best of Badfinger CD on Capitol / Apple. Although the CD is performing very well in the rankings (in comparison to other Badfinger product), the lack of bonus material on the new collection is preventing some die-hard fans from purchasing the collection. Instead, these fans are putting their capital towards "something new" (Head First). If the Very Best of Badfinger would have included "Baby Please," "No Good at All" and perhaps "Sing for the Song" this CD would be in the top 500 at Amazon.

Will the lack of bonus material continue to slow the sales of the new Very Best of Badfinger CD? Only ever so slightly. Once the VH-1 show airs, it is my belief that the Very Best of CD will take it's rightful place as the top moving Badfinger CD. The new Very Best of Badfinger is a great collection which will undoubtedly receive mention in the show. New fans just discovering the band will go straight for the new collection. Hopefully they will be enticed by the collection to venture their leisure income towards more product. Hopefully they will become actively involved in letting labels (Capitol / Apple) know they would like to hear a rarities collection...segue to the writing campaign... We all sing the praises of Wish You Were Here, it is doing fairly well in the rankings. I'm hoping the VH-1 show mentions this CD's greatness and gives this CD the spike in sales it should of had some 26 years ago...

Note: If a CD is listed as number # 500, I do not believe this means the CD is the 500th fasting selling CD of the week at I believe it means that of all the things sells (movies, CD's, books, DVD's etc...) it is the 500th biggest seller at the moment. If I'm wrong about this someone please let me know. The numbers provided in the chart are simply meant to provide us a base figure (October) and to allow us to measure the increase (higher rankings) of Badfinger product due to the band's appearance on VH-1. Also: I don't know if I plan to make weekly analysis reports, but I will try to keep the chart up to date to allow all of us to analyze the affect the VH-1 show will have on Badfinger product.

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