Brando's Feature: A Letter From VH1

Badfinger's Very Best of Badfinger A Letter From VH1

December 11, 2000

Dear Brian,

Thank you for writing to VH1 and for all your great feedback on Behind the Music: Badfinger. We're glad that you enjoyed this special and appreciate your enthusiasm.

At this time, we do not have plans to release the special on home video or DVD, but we'll certainly take your request under consideration. I do not see another repeat of the show on our upcoming schedule, at least through the end of the month. Hopefully it will air again sometime next year.

Thanks for letting us know about the postings on Badfinger websites. We received several complimentary emails from fans (new and old) following the show, and we'll be sure to look for these postings online. I assure you that viewer feedback is valued by our producers and the programming department!

Again, thank you for taking the time to write. We hope you'll continue to tune-in to Behind the Music (we have some great shows on tap in 2001), as well as our other programming.

Best wishes for the New Year. Thanks for watching VH1.


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Notes: I had written VH1, as I'm sure many of us had, expressing my concerns and hopes for rebroadcasting, DVD release and Emmy consideration (why not!). I also told them of some very nice responses on various guestbooks, including & especially the entries on Russ Anderson's website ( which had some truly beautiful responses from new and old fans shortly after the Badfinger Behind the Music special aired the first week of November 2000.

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