Brando's Feature: The Tiniest Who in Whoville

Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss The Tiniest Who in Whoville
(A Thank You)

In the immortal classic Horton Hears a Who! (1954) by Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) we learn of an entire world living on a dust speck. They are small and in danger of losing their existence. But the good people of Whoville unite to make their existence recognizable to a world of disbelievers. Of all the noise the Whoville residents make it is little Jo Jo whose tiny contribution to the clamoring, a simple "yopp!", makes all the difference in saving the world of the Who's in Whoville.

Us Badfinger fans (the Who's in Whoville) have been a small and at times an unrecognized group of fans whose favorite artists could have been forgotten by the music industry (the Wikerson Brothers) a long time ago. But the population of Badfinger fans haven't been silent when it comes to making the world aware of our favorite quartet. It's taken a long, long time to have ourselves heard by the masses. We are all members of Badfinger's "Whoville" doing our part to shout the joys of the sounds of Badfinger to a world of people who were not quite sure of Badfinger's merit.

There have been many Dr. H. Whovie's in the Badfinger community: People who have been doing their part by touring all over the world, creating new CD's, writing books, making documentaries, pitching ideas to big shots. In essence shouting, "We are here! We are here! Many members of the Badfinger community were also doing there best to make noise by purchasing CD's, creating tribute booklets, writing to newsgroups, writing to magazines who are polling for the most requested CD not yet in print, writing to record labels, calling record labels, attending concerts, covering Badfinger material in your own band, starting fanzines, supporting those fanzines, creating webpages, sending ideas to webmasters, visiting webpages, creating webrings and writing to guestbooks.

Even the smallest contribution from the tiniest who in Whoville, little Jo Jo's "Yopp", can make a big difference: The requests to radio stations, telling friends about the band, playing your CD's or videos at get togethers with friends, placing the Badfinger CD's in the front of the rack at your favorite CD shop (for better visibility), making best of Badfinger tapes for friends when no music was in print and coming to a stop sign in the summertime and rolling your window down and really cranking up your car stereo, all these efforts (and I'm sure many more) help to give potential new fans a taste of Badfinger.

Everyone's efforts have meant something in getting this Badfinger special on VH-1 to happen. If there was no visible interest years ago would we have even seen the Apple reissues? Who knows. It wasn't something we as fans we're willing to risk. Thus we took an active stance and let people know, in one form or another, that we think this band had something special and we want everyone to know about it.

I just want to say thank everyone (and I mean everyone) who has championed the cause of this band which had enormous talent and deserve to be appreciated on a much higher level. I'm grateful that your interest & efforts helped to secure the release of all the official Badfinger CD's, the individual solo releases, the BBC live, the Very Best of, the book, the documentary and VH-1 broadcast. We are all rewarded by being able to enjoy these treasures and the strengthened hope that even more can happen for this band. Please continue all your efforts to let people know about this bands recording legacy. My hope is that we will make Apple aware (one more time) of our appreciation for their music and issue that Rarities CD (it will happen if we all pitch in).

Badfinger's Straight Up To the families and friends of the band members and Mike, Joey, Ron & Bob: A special thank you for enduring the pain of reliving these events to allow all the world to gain an appreciation for Badfinger. I hope that whatever pain you have for the events that have taken place will be replaced by an incredible feeling of pride knowing the band is receiving the kind of nation-wide, hopefully world-wide, attention the band earned 25-30 years ago (I can't help but thinking of the pride that beams from Ingrid Croce when discussing her late husband Jim on his Behind the Music special).

True, the fact their story is so tragic has also had a lot to do with attracting the attention of VH-1, but new fans won't be buying their CD's on Monday because of the story, they'll be buying them because of the music. The music of Pete Ham, Tom Evans, Joey Molland, Mike Gibbins (let's not forget Ron Griffiths and Bob Jackson). The music of Badfinger.

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