Brando's Feature: Odd Trivia

What follows are several odd trivia questions that were listed on the main page at one time. If you are new to these pages then carefully read the clues and venture a guess. To see the answer simply click on the link below the hints. Good Luck!

The Very Best of Badfinger CD cover (May 23, 2001) Badfinger are in some small way related to an event which helped launch the career of one of the great rock and roll outfits of the 1970's. They were a big band (and continue to be on the live circuit). You can eleminate the Addrissi Brothers, the Captain & Tenille, the Floaters and Blue Suede from your thought process. If you have an idea please offer a suggestion on the guestbook or in an email. Note: The information regarding these circumstances is taken from one of those Rock and Roll Encylopedia books in an article concerning this band.

1. (May 24) Great rock'n'roll outfit of the 1970's
2. (May 29) Discovered during one of Badfinger's tours.
3. (June 8) The year was 1972. - Get out your 2nd edition of the Without You book for help!
4. (June 15) The region where the band was discovered is also where the band originated. Geographic location is important.
5. (June 15 - bonus) It was someone associated with Badfinger's tour who discovered this band.
6. (June 18) This band had five top 40 singles in the 1970's.
7. (June 18 - bonus) One of those hit singles charted in the top forty twice (two different versions of the same song)
8. (June 23) One of their song titles could be considered "a unique nocturnal weekend event".
9. (June 23 - bonus) The person who discovered this band: Al Kooper
10. (July 10) One of their song titles could be considered "an inquisitive nature to discover ones proper pronoun".
11. (July 10 - bonus) They originate from Florida, but were discovered in Atlanta, Georgia by Al Kooper who (according to my book source and several websites for this band was on tour with Badfinger at the time)

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(August 2, 2001) What do Pete Ham, Robert Plant, Doris Day, Tom Evans, John Paul Jones, Greg Brady (aka Barry Williams and Johnny Bravo), Mike Gibbins, John Bonham, Michael Jackson, Joey Molland, Jimmy Page and Haystacks Calhoun all have in common? You may be quite surprised. They were NOT all men (Day), NOT all musical entertainers (Haystacks), NOT all real people (Brady), NOT all formerly related to a Presley (Jackson). Follow the hints below to see if you can realize the connection between these artists. Enjoy!

1. (August 2) Replace Day, Brady, Jackson and Haystacks with Brian Connolly, Andy Scott, Steve Priest and Mick Tucker
2. (August 2) It happened to Badfinger in the early 1970's, To everyone else mentioned in the late 1970's
3. (August 7) Badfinger's "Name of the Game", Led Zepplin's, "Fool in the Rain" and most likely Sweet's "Love is Like Oxygen" all have this in common.
4. (August 7) It has nothing to do with producers or type of instruments used (yes, they all had guitars)
5. (August 15) It did not happen to Badfinger in America.
6. (August 15) Mike Gibbins was probably more pleased than anyone associated with Badfinger. Perhaps there was one other person in the Badfinger entourage that felt as good as Mike regarding this trivia question. (you need to know you're Badfinger history for this clue)

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ODD TRIVIA # 3 Badfinger Doll?
(November 8, 2001) The drawing on the right of the young lady reading a newspaper has something to do with Badfinger. Well, it sort of has something to do with Badfinger. Actually in a very odd way it has a connection with Badfinger. See if you can read through the vague clues to make an educated guess as to what the connection is and how it affects your Badfinger listening experience.

1. (November 8) The young lady's baby blue eyes were not the inspiration for Pete Ham's "Baby Blue."
2. (November 8) The young lady may have been reading an article about the sinking of the Titanic
3. (November 10) She is not named "Angelique," after the Tom Evans song, her name is Daisy.
4. (November 10) The anwer to this question doesn't actually answer the "big" question. (?!?)
5. (November 13) Daisy might enjoy a drive in a Chrysler Intrepid (Thanks Dave!).
6. (November 13) The connection between the lady and Badfinger is rare. In fact, you may not have expected it to occur in the early 20th century (some 60 to 70 odd years before Badfinger).
7. (November 13) Daisy is not for sale, she is selling a product that is no longer available.
8. (November 17) Daisy could be a big fan of the BBC show Coronation Street.
9. (November 17) One of Badfinger's album covers offers another clue.
10. (November 24) Daisy is probably a fan of contemporary literature.
11. (November 24) Study all the words that are in italics in these clues.
12. (November 24) Gene Mahon may hold the key to all this.
13. (November 24) This issue was brought up in an article on one of the Badfinger websites at how, even now, it is extremely rare.
14. (November 28) Mark Perkins would find this interesting.
15. (November 28) In the song Kodachrome by Paul Simon, he sings the phrase, "I can read the writing on the wall."

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