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(January 19, 2004 - Rewrite) In early December 2003 I received information about an excellent old cover of the Iveys song, "Maybe Tomorrow." The information was from Robert Fitzpatrick of Australia. Robert found the track on an old compilation album from 1976 titled, "Hit Songs from the 70's." ." Other artists on the Australian released collection include the Easybeats and Steve Wright. Robert sent along an mp3 which has been featured on the website since early December.

We played a little guessing game to see if anyone knew the artist. It took almost a month, but someone finally got the correct answer to the mystery group that recorded the Iveys' "Maybe Tomorrow." Mark Johnston said the band was a UK outfit who recorded at Morgan Studios and were known as Angel Pavement. You can click on the Angel Pavement image to the right and listen to an mp3 of their excellent cover of the Iveys' "Maybe Tomorrow."

Ironically, last year an album of their material was released (only on LP) and titled, "Maybe Tomorrow." In trying to research some information about Angel Pavement, I found several websites that do tell their story and give some reviews of their LP (see below for links to Angel Pavement information). As I read up on Angel Pavement, one question kept popping in my head. Why did they choose a semi-obscure tune as "Maybe Tomorrow" to cover. Well, curiosity got the best of me and I sent of an email to members of the band Angel Pavement. I received two replies, one from bass player Graham Harris, the other from lead guitarist, songwriter, Alfie Shephard. The following is what they had to say concerning their band and how Angel Pavement came about to covering the Iveys' "Maybe Tomorrow."

    Graham Harris: "We used to perform 'Maybe Tomorrow' on stage and decided to record it for the LP in 1969/70 when we got back from Mexico.(although of course it wasn't released until 30 years later !) We had a new guitarist by then (John Cartwright) who added some lovely acoustic guitar work. The song always seemed to suit our vocal style and we seem to be constantly compared to the Iveys (along with others) It was never released as a single by us."

    Alfie Shephard: "Our drummer Mike 'Candy' Candler's sister actually bought the Iveys record 'Maybe Tomorrow' and suggested it would be a good song for us to do. We agreed and performed it in our stage show from late 1969. Geoff Gill, who was our producer at Morgan Studios Willsden, loved the song and said we must record it with full orchestration. This we duly did and it was decided that it would be our 3rd single following on from 'Baby You Gotta Stay' and 'Tell Me What I've Got To Do', the release date being late 1970. However, along with our album entitled 'Socialising', the release never materialised much to my chagrin. Most of the material was original. Which begs the the question how come the track turned up on a compilation CD entitled 'Hits of the '70s' in Australia ?! Was the track released as a single down under I wonder?"

With regards to the release of their album 30 years after it was recorded, Harris and Shephard offered the following information:

    Graham Harris: "The LP is a limited edition of 1000 and David Wells (the guy who released it) tells me that when it is sold out there is a chance that it may be released in CD format. When I spoke to him a few months ago they had sold around 700. I find the ripped single sleeve intruiging as the only copies of the single I have (or ever saw) were in the standard Fontana cover."

    Alfie Shephard: "I played with the group on 6 and 12-string guitar from it's foundation in 1966 up to the very end in 1971, Graham was the bass player (and a very good one at that), there being 3 other members making a five piece in all. We were professional from 1968-71. 'Maybe Tomorrow', was in fact released as a vinyl LP by David Wells on the Tenth Planet label in February 2003. It contains all the tracks that were destined for 'Socialising' plus one or two extras. It also had an excellent sleeve insert compiled by David which gives a concise history of the group and several pics for promotional purposes and some of us live on stage. I don't know if there are any immediate plans to put the album out on CD. Personally I hope it does come out on CD which will allow radio plays. On a personal note I am very pleased with the album, I think it has withstood the passing of time and it makes all those hours on end spent in the studio seem worthwhile."

Links to other websites with information regarding Angel Pavement:
1. Angel Pavement group member Graham Harris discusses the band.
2. A review of their LP titled Maybe Tomorrow by Maxwell Plumb
3. A review of Angel Pavement's LP Maybe Tomorrow on the Shindig website. Note: the picture in the upper corner of this page rotates and the Iveys are included in the rotation."

If you click on the image of the partially torn 45 picture sleeve to the right you can hear a clip of their acclaimed single, "Baby You've Got to Stay."

Angel Pavement 45 - Baby You've Got to Stay Thanks to Graham Harris and Alfie Shephard for being kind enough to offer some history to the Iveys connection! The two songs I've heard so far kind of remind of the non-Ivey tracks on the 94 Baker Street collection. What I've heard fits that genre, sounds great and has me curious (hopefully others as well) to hear the entire LP. Note: I do have the extensive liner notes to the LP which I hope to have on the net shortly as well.


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