Brando's Fan Reviews of Golders Green

This page last updated on March 24, 2000

As the dawn begins to break on a new era of Pete Ham hysteria with the newly released collection of Ham demos titled Golders Green, you may be asking yourself, "How can I express to the world just how much I love this new collection?" Well, here at Brando's Badfinger Pages, we would like to give you the opportunity! Once you've played your new Golders Green CD for the 25th consecutive time you may feel an overwhelming urge to express your joy by putting pen to paper (or in this case...keyboard). If you would like, write a review of the CD and email it to our pages. We will work it into a list of reviews we will collect from fans (see below). Write a great review and gain satisfaction in knowing your helping to encourage a potential new fan to discover the wonders of the music of Peter William Ham and Badfinger!

Pete Ham's Golders Green CD, released July 13, 1999
Fan Reviews of Golders Green
Reviewed By Date Submitted
Rick Kellogg July 15, 1999
Ron Saunders July 17, 1999
Mariano Lopez July 21, 1999
Doug Stalnaker July 22, 1999
Brando June 29, 1999

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