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Pete Ham's Golders Green Golders Green
Pete Ham
Rykodisc 10481

by Ron Saunders
July 17, 1999

It is very hard to do an honest review of an artist's work, especially when the artist in question is very favorable to this reviewer. I shall try. Golders Green: Makes Me Feel Good - very poppy/Beatlelish at times, cool tune to listen to in the morning. A Lonely Day, I'll Kiss You Goodnight, I've Waited So Long To Be Free, Helping Hand, Where Will You Be and I'm So Lonely - all great tunes in the Pete Ham tradition. When The Feeling, Shine On, Gonna Do It - cool snippets, makes one wonder what the outcome may have been like (outside of Shine On). Whiskey Man and Keyhole Street - pretty different, shows a very versatile Pete at his best.

Dawn and Richard - these tunes could most definitely rock with the best of the Badfinger rockers. Pete's Walk - sort of reminiscent of the Harrison type of jams off of his All Things Must Pass album, very cool. Hurry On Father and Goodbye John Frost sounds like something that could have been included on the Magic Christian Music album. Without You - wow, a masterpiece in the works. Midnight Caller - unplugged, had this man carried on with his life, man, one could only imagine. Comparing it with 7 Park Avenue is kinda hard as well. 7 Park Avenue really grew on me since I purchased it back in the fall of last year. Where Golders Green shows you a working/playing and jamming side of Pete, 7 Park Avenue shows you a very deep/personal side of Pete, could be because of different production values ... well like I's hard to review any of Hams songs especially when everything that is released by him is very likable.

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