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Pete Ham's Golders Green Golders Green
Pete Ham
Rykodisc 10481

by Mariano Lopez
July 21, 1999

I have received Golders Green promo CD yesterday afternoon (07-07-99). I played it entirely while going home (such trip take about an hour). People in the bus might have thought I was under the effects of some ilegal substance, and I understand them. Ok, while you are all enjoying the warmth of the sun in your summer hollidays, here is winter. And it is being really cold (even for the temperatures we use to have in our winters). But it didn't matter to me, I turned my diskman real loud (almost maximum volume) and got transported to another place. In a way, I shared a little of your summer.

I gazed from the very first moment I begun to listen to "Makes me feel good". The beautiful mid tempo songs by Pete's sweet voice "A lonely day" and "Dawn" are really beautiful (Dawn is my favourite). Then "Without you", the song we all know. This version is longer than the one on the limited CD of "Without you" book by Dan Matovina. Pete also plays piano on it.

Everything was going alright, or let's say as I could have expected. That was until track 5 "Pete's walk". It really caught me by surprise. A powerful instrumental! I loved it! I would have repeated the track some times, but I was also impatient. There were 15 tracks more to listen to!

"Hurry on father" and "I'll kiss you goodnight" are two beautiful balads. Track 7 is "Goodbye John Frost". As indicated on liner notes, piano on this track has reminiscences of the Beatles while "When the feeling" reminded me al lot to "Why don't we do it on the road?". Well I am not being too smart as the song is Pete drumming and singing!

There's a brief sample on track 10 of "Shine on", before finishing it with Tommy. Lyrics are slightly different. "Gonna do it" is a short vocal track. "Whiskey man" is a country-esque number. "Keyhole street" is a nice song with a Kinks' atmosphere recorded by 1966.

"I've waited so long to be free" a ballad with very interesting lyrics. "Richard" is a beautiful rocker, with some funny lyrics "...oh no! I hate it when you let me down..." Hope it never happens to you! (you'll understand when you listen to the song).

Track 16 is "Midnight caller" not very different to the Badfinger version, with beautiful vocal arrengements by Pete. "Helping hand" is a catchy song full of melodies, sung in falsetto. Pete mixes happy music with sad lyrics. To me is another highlight of the disk. "Where will you be" is a beautiful melodic ballad. Then I am surprised again! It's track 19 "I'm so lonely", to me the best song of the CD!! "Makes me feel good '67" is very different to the opening track and also very nice.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I'm doing now!

Thanks to Dan Matovina and Ryko for keeping Pete's music alive

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