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This page last updated on July 14, 2000

In taking a page from one of my favorite non-Badfinger websites (a Marshall Crenshaw page) I bring to you a series articles from various magazines. I have access to a scanner with OCR capabilities, thus I was able to turn some photo copies of articles into text files and will present them here for all to enjoy. Note: I don't have every article Badfinger ever received from every magazine that ever mentioned the band. I have no intention of even trying to collect them all. But if I have a glaring omission that you have in your collection and you would like to share it, by all means drop me a line and we will try to work something out. The most recent addition(s) to the page will have the title of the magazine article listed in red text. Thanks and Enjoy!

Badfinger Phonograph Magazine (1972)
Brando's Badfinger Newsstand Articles
Fickle Fate of Badfinger Melody Maker Nov 70 (?) 2/3/99
Badfinger: Woo, Liverpool Accents Rolling Stone Jun 10, 1971 10/4/98
Badfinger - Still On The Horizon Circus Magazine June 1971 1/15/99
Badfinger: The Natural Way Hit Parader October 1971 1/23/99
Badfinger at Carnegie Hall (reviews) Various March 1972 2/11/99
Badfinger Fights the Ghost Circus Magazine March 1972 12/30/98
Badfinger Recalls The Beatle Days Toronto Star June 26, 1972 5/16/99
Coder Puts Halt to Rock Concerts Sun-Gazette Aug. 8, 1972 3/14/99
Badfinger's Pete Ham: A Suicide Rolling Stone June 1975 11/1/98
Badfinger's Return: A Long and Winding Road Rolling Stone Jun. 14, 1979 4/3/99
Badfinger's Back on the Airwaves It's Only Rock'n'Roll July 1979 4/16/99
Badfinger's Bad Luck Story Circus Magazine May 1981 1/15/99
Badfinger: Reflections on a Band 5-4-3-2-1 Magazine 1984 6/14/99
Badfinger: Where Are They Now Rolling Stone Aug 10, 1989 11/21/98
Badfinger: Still So Good - Part 1 Record Exchange March 1991 2/19/99
Badfinger: Still So Good - Part 2 Record Exchange March 1991 3/1/99
Badfinger: Notes from Poptopia! Rhino Records Feb. 10, 1997 7/14/00
A Peek Scaled in the Valleys The Times Mar. 18, 1997 7/5/00
The Legacy of Peter and His Pure Genius South Wales E. P. June 12, 2000 6/29/00

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