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Badfinger Badfinger - Still On The Horizon

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Circus Magazine , June 1971, page 49

Badfinger is at it again. They began their third US tour in New York at Town Hall a few weeks ago and their third album is due out soon. Though George Harrison is not the producer, Badfinger people are claiming that he is the production supervisor of the album. Certainly he is a good friend as evidenced by his surprise arrival at the group's press party at Unganos their last time around.

Badfinger are the most famous group artists on the Apple label these days. They are also the only group to record for the label. Individuals who release their records on Apple are named John, Paul, George, Ringo and Mary Hopkin.

Badfinger, by the way, were once called the Iveys and they had a tremendously beautiful single called "Maybe Tomorrow" which never made it. They were originally disciples of Kink Ray Davies who had plans to produce them, but when the opportunity to do the music for The Magic Christian came along, they got that gig because Paul McCartney had already written "Come and Get It" and was looking for a group to record it. Beatle press agent Derek Taylor played him a tape of The Iveys and Paul liked them.

McCartney worked with the group at length getting together the music which eventually was used in the film. There was much debateover what to name them. Lennon wanted to call them "Prix," and Paul favored "Home." But Neil Aspinal eventually suggested Badfinger and it stuck.

Badfinger is drummer Mike Gibbins and lead guitarist Peter Ham who come from Wales, and bassist Tom Evans (a Liverpool native) and newcomer, rhythm guitarist Joe Molland. Their manager is Bill Collins a one time big band leader.

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