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Badfinger: Still So Good - Part Two

by Michael Kurtz
Record Exchange Music Monitor, March 1991

Jellyfish Over the past year, Badfinger's name and music have been popping up all over the place. "No Matter What" was in regular rotation on VH-1. Exotic Birds had a dance hit with "Day After Day". Dreams So Real also released a version of "Day After Day" on their latest album, Gloryline. The Posies covered "Baby Blue" in their live shows. Jellyfish released an album laden with Badfinger-esque hooks, and their live shows contained a note-perfect version of "No Matter What". Ex-10,000 Maniacs guitarist John Lombardo recorded Victory Gardens at Mitch Easter's Drive-In Studio and included Joey Molland singing back-ups and lending his trademark guitar on one track. There is speculation that the release of Badfinger's Apple recordings will happen this year, but don't hold your breath. Meanwhile, The Music Monitor has taken this opportunity to talk with some of the people who have been influenced by Badfinger and been involved with this flurry of activity

Mitch Easter's mind altering Badfinger experience: "I really, really loved Badfinger. They had such good songs. I thought the way that they could be kind of heavy and still have those pop songs was just awesome. The way that "No Matter What" has those massive guitars and the Leslie guitar, but it still is the best, most concise songwriting in the world. I saw them in about '72 in New York. They looked like the Beatles in Hamburg with long hair. They all had leather pants on , which I didn't expect, and walls of Marshalls. They all played SG's and Les Pauls. They were really loud and heavy. They played all their hits. They could sing just like that live, and it was mind-altering to me. I just loved it."

John Lombardo's dream come true: "I go back to their very first record. I got the single "Come And Get It" after hearing them on American Bandstand. After that I started getting all their records. I was very much into the group. I even saw them live once. They came to my college. It was a Tuesday night concert with 500 people, and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. So I always took a real big interest in Badfinger. It was really kink of a dream come true to work with Joey."

Herb Alpert- This album does not contain Tijuana Taxi Jellyfish's drummer / singer Andy Sturmer's surrealistic Badfinger experience: (Editors note: When we asked Andy what his earliest memory of Badfinger was, and how Badfinger had influenced Jellyfish, he responded like this.) "A couple of years ago Roger and I were working as potato peelers for the Waffle House. One night after playing "Tijuana Taxi" 1 too many times, the jukebox was kicked over by a 300 lb. maniacal driver named Tiny Mussolini. This left the entire night shift without any tunes to pass the time! So, with a couple of spuds, 2 prods from the waffle iron and an antenna taken from Tiny's rig, we built a crude crystal diode radio...the first sounds to shake the house were Badfinger's "No Matter What." By the time the second chorus hit, we had seen the light, quit our jobs and stolen 2 guitars. Note: The Herb Alpert album to the right does not contain his hit "Tijuana Taxi" It is here because of it's potential influence on Badfinger album covers (sure it is...) Is it possible the artists at Apple had this album in mind when creating the cover for No Dice?

Sturmer explained, "Badfinger has had a great influence on Jellyfish. Their use of beautiful melodies married with screeching guitars, crude arrangements and classic pop sensibilities have greatly inspired our own creativity and ability to get babes!"

Dream So Real bassist Trent Allen on pushing for the recording of "Day After Day": "I always thought "Day After Day" was a hit song waiting for someone to redo. For us, a big part of our influence came from the late 60's, the melodic groups like the Beatles and Badfinger. Groups that stressed harmony and vocal structure that were interesting."

Rhino Vice President Gary Stewart on Joey Molland, Badfinger and their recent release of The Best of Badfinger, Volume 2: "I'm sorry he's unhappy; it was our intention to put together the best Badfinger collection from the Warner years. It was to show them [Badfinger] off to good effect for that period. If he doesn't like it, or he's unhappy with things, I feel bad about that. We always like to have an artist's approval because we like to feel that we're doing good by the artist as well as ourselves. We really took time to give people representation of the breadth of that material. I'm very proud of the package."

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my older brother, for sending me this article about seven years ago. The circulation of this magazine was only 40,000 (it says so right on the front cover), so I would assume this is a fairly rare piece of Badfinger memorabilia. NOTE: There is a first part to this magazine piece, it consists of an interview with Joey Molland. Back up to the newsstand and click on Still So Good - Part 1.

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