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Airwaves Airwaves
Elektra 6E-175

Author Unknown
Sticks and Stones , Spring 2000

For most folks, Badfinger begins with Straight Up and ends with No Dice. But to think thusly deprives one of a lot of good music. Case in point is Airwaves, the first album recorded by Tom Evans and Joey Molland after Pete Ham's death. With the help of guitarist Joe Tansin, the duo put together a fine album of rocking, hook-filled songs that do nothing to diminsh the Badfinger legacy, and in fact, given a warmer climate for this sort of thing (it was 1979), would likely have raised the band's profile considerably.

From rockers like Evans' "Look Out California" to Molland's quiet "Love Is Gonna Come At Last," the band was making great music on par with its best. A handful of bonus tracks on this nicely done reissue expand on that legacy, and with the more recent work from Molland included, show that perhaps his misguided solo album on Ryko a few years back was a misstep, not a sign of decline.

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