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Say No More Say No More
Radio Records 16030

by Ron Young
It's Only Rock'n'Roll , May, 1981, page 13

As far as pop rock goes these guys are still the champs as far as I'm concerned. While their last lp for Elektra, Airwaves, was too lightweight to grab most listeners attention -- even staunch Badfinger fans, Say No More is a near-perfect album from a cult band who still has their finger on the pulseof what is pop music.

Even though there are only two original members left (Joey Molland and Tom Evans) they still have a tightknit unit of guitars, bass and drums that is filled out by ex-Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye who was with them on the Elektra lp. The production is bright and colorful just like the Peter Max cover art. Their beautiful harmonies are intact, as are their playing chops. Just listen to "Rock'n'Roll Contract" for Joey's dizzying lead guitar runs. The duo still have a way with a tender ballad too as exemplified by "Too Hung Up On You". For the most part, though, it's all rockin' fare. Badfinger can even teach Cheap Trick something about the genre.

Special thanks to Dave Amara for this contribution!

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